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Einstein solutions that affect Lead identification and scoring, as well as how to use them in your everyday marketing. Report on lead by source. What should a consultant recommend to ensure collaborating team member can report and access relevant data in salesforce? How the converted amount data is reported on a report that spans time periods when the exchange rates was different. So far, most customers have put much time and energy on the preparation of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam actual test. With a “free” Google Analytics account there are still plenty of perks to connecting it to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Sales representative owns an account and would like to collaborate with relevant people from other departments (marketing and product management). The product management Employee do not have access to all opportunities but would like to track the performance of a new product after it is launched.

Also have the necessary tools in place to protect, normalize, and clean your Salesforce data to achieve top performance. The Einstein Analytics Cloud is designed for a spectrum of data users, including senior level executives. In addition to offering a fatigue rule in your preference center, consider including this option on sign-up as well. It provides cloud-based communication services, including conferencing. We will constantly analyze your Braze reports and check the Intelligent channel to determine which medium of communication your audience prefers. 12. Resellers for Universal Containers need access to reports in the partner communities to help manage their opportunities. How should salesforce be configured to give resellers the correct level of access to reports? Require the recipient to log into Salesforce to access the content. 24. Universal Container wants to improve sales productivity in inside sales and it has been advised to consider Salesforce Console for sales. 17. The sales manager at Universal Containers wants to be informed when a lead created from the “Contact Us” form on the corporate website has not been followed up within 24 hour of being submitted. 21. Universal containers purchased a new marketing database list and wants to use it to run an email campaign for launch of a new product.

22. Universal containers has enabled Advanced Currency Management. 25. The management at universal container noticed that the lead conversion ratio has remained the same for the hospitality industry despite increase in lead creation. In addition, BRZE’s 67.22% trailing-12-month gross profit margin is 36% higher than the 49.42% industry average. In this blog I will discuss about the system testing and how it is used in the IT industry. 16. Universal Containers is moving their legacy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to salesforce sales cloud. 19. Marketing department at Universal container is migrating from legacy campaign and email management system 2 salesforce want to ensure that its communication material is migrated as well. Create a criteria based sharing rule to add the product management team to relevant opportunities. What would a consultant recommend to allow the product management employee to track the performance of the product? You can publish it on the spot or schedule it for later and analyze what you have published to measure its performance in each channel. Acquire the client stakeholders’ key performance indicators. Sales managers want greater visibility into the opportunities in progress with their respective teams and would like to receive email notifications when key opportunity fields are changed (e.g., amount or sales stage).

Define a workflow rule and email task that is triggered when key fields are updated to new values. Create two sales processes, two opportunity record types, and a workflow rule triggered by the opportunity amount. Create two sales processes, two opportunity record types, and a workflow rule triggered by sales stage. Create two sales processes and a workflow rule triggered by opportunity amount to assign a sales process. Create a workflow on the opportunity. Create a trigger on the opportunity. Create a trigger to set the product manager as owner for opportunity on the new product. 11. Universal Containers has organization-wide defaults set to private. 26. Universal Containers has a large sales department that is dispersed worldwide. 20. The sales manager at Universal Containers is concerned that the leads from the marketing department are outdated and poor quality. 15. Universal Containers has a lead qualification team that qualifies and converts leads into opportunities. Create lead assignment rules to assign leads to sales representatives based on the city and the state in which the lead resides. Create an assignment rule on the account. Create a calculated field that scores leads based on lead attributes and use assignment rules to route leads to appropriate sales reps.

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